New Earth Council of Colorado Springs

The New Earth Council is a project started in Colorado Springs to bring together spiritual groups, metaphysical practitioners, teachers and lightworkers for the purpose of achieving greater unity within the Colorado Springs higher consciousness community. We believe that through unity of intention to elevate the collective consciousness, a hundredth-monkey type effect can occur throughout the wider community which can accelerate the advent of a “New Earth” where peace and abundance, love and respect, humility and reverence, joy and health can become fundamental to society.

We choose to join together for collaborative efforts and to benefit from the greater wisdom that comes through honest, open, and free communication with those of like mind.

We seek to support and facilitate the Ascension process as Gaia and her inhabitants transition into the New Earth.

We seek to support and encourage each other into greater levels of conscious awareness and enlightenment, and to further enhance our skills and abilities in order to better meet the challenges ahead.

We seek to share knowledge, resources, and tools more effectively to meet the needs of all people, especially as more and more awaken and seek expanded higher awareness.

We seek to anchor our efforts through all forms of higher guidance and intuitive insight.

We seek to stay aware of the needs of the people in our community, to be able to shift our energy when necessary to be of greatest service.

As an initial project of the Council, a website was created, to support greater unity, discussion and collaboration among local groups.

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Mike Waskosky
Ken Buch